At Tall Timbers you will see the Lehigh valley's largest selection of dwarf, rare, and unusual plants. We carry hundreds of different varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials so you can be sure that you will find something that you like. Below you will find a list of some of the interesting plants that we carry.

Coral Bark Maple – Beautiful coral red bark in winter, light green foliage. Grows 15-25' tall, slower growing ornamental tree. Quite the winter showpiece.

Tricolor Beech – Unique summer foliage of green pink and purple. Grows 50-65' tall. Unique specimen that can be used as a
shade tree.

Persian Parrot Tree – Interesting branching, unusual waxy leaf, red fall color. Grows 25-40' tall. Drought tolerant with very few pests.

Stewartia – White camellia like flowers, exfoliating bark. Grows 25-40' tall. Few pests.

Styrax – White bell flower in May, horizontal branching. Grows
15-25' tall.

Zelkova – Originally used as a replacement for American Elm, excellent shade tree. Grows 75-80' tall. Grows in a V-shape.

Cryptomeria – Also known as Japanese Incense Tree. Beautiful evergreen specimine.
Grows 25-40' tall.

Dwarf Serbian Spruce – Two toned blue and green needles, very slow growing pyramidal shape.

Bristlecone Pine – Oldest Known surviving species of tree. White speckled needles. Grows 20-40' tall. Unusual branching, slow growing.

Swiss Stone Pine – Slow narrow grower. Very hardy with multicolor needles. Grows 35-40' tall.

Japanese White Pine – Multi colored needles with open branching. Pine cones are purple early in season.

Japanese Umbrella Pine - Truly unique slow pyramidal grower. Will stand out as a showpiece in any landscape.